Important Dates


Priority Application Dates
Financial aid applications are welcome and will be processed after the priority dates; however, to ensure your financial aid award is ready prior to the first class day for a specific semester, all aspects of the financial aid application should be completed by the priority date.

Review the 5 Steps to Financial Aid to understand the application process.

Priority dates for financial aid for the first class day:

  • Fall Semester - June 1
  • Spring Semester - November 1
  • Summer Semester - April 1 (Please note that Pell Grants are available for summer sessions. See Pell Grant Update for information.)
Financial Aid Freeze Dates
The financial aid freeze date is the day that the WCJC Financial Aid Office will review all students receiving financial aid enrollment for the semester.  The number of eligible registered hours will determine the financial aid Award for the semester.  Increasing enrollment after the freeze date will not increase the aid amount. 

Financial aid freeze dates for 2020-2021:

  • Fall Semester 2020:  September 20, 2020
  • Spring Semester 2021:  February 7, 2021
  • Summer Semester 2021:  June 13, 2021

How do financial aid freeze dates affect a student's financial aid award?

If a student increases or decreases their enrollment level prior to the financial aid freeze date,  financial aid awards will be adjusted, as appropriate, to ensure that the allocation/award is correct. 

  • EXAMPLE:  If a student decreases their enrollment after the first class day but on or before the freeze date, the aid award will be decreased as well to match the enrollment status.  However, the student may still owe some tuition and fee charges to the college because of the refund policy.  Students in this situation will be responsible for any balance owed to the business office.

If a student increases their enrollment level after the freeze date, the aid award will NOT be increased.  This means, for example, a student who is enrolled in ten (10) credits as of the freeze date, and who later adds two (2) credit hours, will not have aid adjusted upward to the full-time level.  Rather, the aid will remain at the ¾ time level.

  • If a student decreases enrollment level after the freeze date, the aid award will NOT be reduced. This means, for example a student who is enrolled in thirteen (13) credits as of the freeze date, and who later drops four (4) credit hours, will not have aid adjusted downward to the ¾ time level. Rather, the aid will remain at the full time level.

However, students who achieve a zero GPA may still owe a balance because of the required Return to Title IV calculation*. A zero GPA is the result of failing all classes or withdrawing (dropping) from all classes.

*For “Return to Title IV”, aid eligibility begins on the first day of classes and is calculated day to day; therefore, a student with an aid award who drops all their classes, or earns a zero GPA for the semester, will be assigned a Return to Title IV (R2T4) status.  R2T4 students may owe a balance, meaning they will have to pay back award money.  More information about R2T4 may be found in the WCJC Student Handbook and on the Return of Funds page.

Appeal Dates

If a student is on suspension, he/she may submit an appeal. Students must submit a completed Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal along with all required documentation, by the deadline for the request to be reviewed by the Financial Aid Appeal Committee. Any supporting documentation must be attached to the request at the time of submission. 

Through Online Services, students may generate a copy of the degree evaluation acceptable for appeal purposes.  As an alternative, students may request an official degree evaluation from the Registrar's Office; however, official degree evaluations must be requested at least two weeks before the appeal documentation submission deadline.

Appeal Documentation Submission Deadline

Appeal Decision Date


Monday, May 24, 2021; received in Financial Aid office by noon

Wednesday, June 2, 2021; decisions posted in Online Services by 5 pm.

Decisions will be posted at the conclusion of the meeting. Students should check their Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) status via Online Services for the decision.

The appeals committee assumes that each student is dependent upon financial aid for the completion of his/her degree; however, this is not an extenuating circumstance and should not be discussed in your appeal.  Working too many hours, being unaware of the SAP policy, being a parent, didn't like classes/teachers, and/or advising errors are NOT considered extenuating circumstances and will not be grounds for a successful appeal.

Bookstore and Sugar Land Parking Permit Credit Dates
Students who have been awarded financial aid may charge their books at the campus Barnes and Noble bookstores on the Richmond and Wharton Campuses or online.

Due to a change in vendors, the bookstore at the WCJC Sugar Land Campus will no longer be able to provide WCJC students with credit for their financial aid.

WCJC Sugar Land students who will be using financial aid credit to purchase books and course materials can order these items online at the WCJC website under “Bookstore” and either pick up the books at the Barnes and Noble campus store on the Richmond Campus or have Barnes and Noble mail the items to a home address at no additional cost.

WCJC Sugar Land students may purchase a parking permit, using approved financial aid funds, by visiting the Business Office window at the WCJC Sugar Land Campus.

The bookstore credit dates for Summer 2021 are May 24, 2021, 8 am, to June 9, 2021, 4 pm.

Disbursement of Excess Financial Aid Funds
Pell grants and student loans are refunded 14 days from the date of receipt after deducting student tuition and fees.  Disbursement begins after the financial aid freeze date.   Students can enroll in the e-Refund option.

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