Vocational Support

Vocational Rehabilitation

The Texas Department of Assitive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) is a state agency that provides handicapped individuals with services designed to assist them in DARS, the individual (a) must have a physical or mental disability that constitutes or results in a substantial handicap to employment and (b) may be reasonably expected to benefit, in terms of employment, from vocational rehabilitation services.

Thousands of handicapped college students receive services from the Commission each year. All DARS clients are entitled to diagnostic evaluation, counseling and guidance, career planning, job-development placement, and follow-up. In those cases where economic need can be demonstrated, the following services may be provided to handicapped college students: tuition and required fees, textbooks, physical restoration, and assistive devices. Severely handicapped students may also be eligible for room and board, mobility assistance, note-takers, tutors, and attendant care.

The Rehabilitation Counselor and the student identify intermediate and long-range goals. They determine actions needed to achieve those goals, and they work together to reach them. The ultimate goals are to assist each student in completing his or her college education, in getting a good job after graduation, and in achieving the highest degree of independence possible.

Vocational Support Services

Vocational students who attend Wharton County Junior College may qualify for a broad range of support services including educational and vocational counseling, peer tutoring, assistance with registration, vocational testing, and linkage with other federal, state, and community-service programs. Funding provided by the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act of 1998 allows for these and other support services to certain vocational students (such as those who are handicapped, disadvantaged, single parents, homemakers).

For information, contact the Senior Coordinator for Vocational Support Services, Wharton County Junior College, Room 102 of the Administration Building, Wharton Campus, or call (979) 532-6483 or email at cindyk@wcjc.edu..

Workforce Investment Act

Wharton County Junior College is an approved vendor of the Gulf Coast Workforce Development Board and Houston-Galveston Area Council to provide vocational training for eligible participants in workforce programs under the federally funded workforce Investment Act. Participants qualifying for programs funded under the Workforce Investment Act receive free tuition, fees, books, and possibly uniforms, tools, and financial assistance with transportation and child care. Applicants may apply for services under the Workforce Investment Act through their local Gulf Coast Careers office. For more information, contact the Student Financial Aid Office at (979) 532-6345.

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