Welcome, Graduates!  Students on track to graduate should complete both a Degree Evaluation Request and Graduation Application, following the guidance provided below.


Generate a Degree Evaluation 

Students should verify that they have met their degree requirements by submitting a Degree Evaluation Request Form. Need help? Follow our "How To Run a Degree Evaluation" guide. 

 Frequently Asked Questions related to a student's Degree Evaluation:

  • What is the purpose of a degree evaluation?

A Degree Evaluation generates a report that shows how completed your WCJC courses, transfer courses, and in-progress courses apply toward your degree requirements.

  • Who can process a Degree Evaluation? 

WCJC students, faculty, registration staff, and academic advisors may all find it beneficial to process a Degree Evaluation. 

  • What do I do if my Degree Eva​luation is inaccurate?

To update or revise your curriculum information or address any inaccuracies, please complete and submit a Degree Evaluation Request Form.

Submit a Graduation Application

If you believe you have met all graduation requirements, submit a Graduation Application to qualify for degree conferral. 

Important questions you need to verify on your Graduation Application:

  • Is your degree/pathway correct on the graduation application?

  • Is your name correct on the graduation application?  This is the name that will appear on your diploma.

  • Is your mailing address correct?

  • Will you be attending Commencement?

Deadlines to apply for Graduation:

  • Spring graduates: May 1
  • Summer graduates: July 1
  • Fall graduates: November 1

Students must complete a Graduation Application by the applicable deadline to qualify for degree conferral for that semester.  Applications received after the deadline will be processed for the following term. 

For questions, please contact the Graduation Team at

For more information related to Graduation, please visit the following pages: 

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