Texas state law requires documentation of residency for persons enrolling in public institutions of higher education.  Students may be asked to present proof of residency at the time of initial admission or at any  time following registration.

A student who believes he/she qualifies for a  change of residency status for tuition purposes must submit documentation by the Census Date in order to  receive any refund of tuition paid. Any documentation submitted after the Census Date will be processed for the following term.

WCJC is responsible for reviewing enrollment or registration applications for errors or inconsistencies for residence status. Written documentation to resolve any problems is required.


Texas Resident

A Texas resident (adult) is defined as someone who has resided continuously within the State of Texas for a minimum of one year and has established domicile in Texas prior to the census date. In addition, you must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

Texas residents will be classified as either:

  • In-District: WCJC students who reside within the taxing district (Wharton county or Needville ISD, only) for a minimum of six months prior to the census date.

  • Out-of-District: WCJC students who live outside of the taxing district.

 Proof of Texas residency is required and may include:

  • A Texas high-school transcript.
  • Employer statement of date of employment.
  • Permanent drivers license (at least one year old).
  • Texas voter registration (at least 180 days old for in-district classification).
  • Lease agreement that includes students name and periods covered.
  • Property tax payments.
  • Form 1040 Tax Return (1st page only) for Independent Students.
  • Form 1040 Tax Return (1st page only) for Dependent Students.



Students who are not Texas residents need to provide documentation to establish that they are a U.S. resident.  Currently, WCJC does not accept international student admissions. Applicable documentation includes:

  • I-797 Notice of Action.
  • Current visa eligible to domicile in the United States per The Texas Coordinating Board.
  • Copy of current Permanent Resident Card or Passport.
  • Notarized Affidavit (located at the end of the Apply Texas application).
  • Texas high school transcript maintaining domicile in Texas for 36 months immediately preceding high school graduation.


Please contact the Office of Admissions and Registration at 979-532-6303 for questions or concerns related to residency status and required documentation.

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