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Philosophical Statement

The Human Services Program values and embraces the human spirit and its ability to adapt, adjust, and influence the human condition in order to enhance overall well-being.  The program acknowledges the diversity of populations within communities, the ability of humans to survive, recover, and thrive as well as the unique qualities demonstrated when in pursuit of self-determinism.  The working alliance of human service professionals and client populations is critical in meeting human needs and reflects awareness, knowledge, and skill necessary in making a difference in the lives of others.  It is important to respect and maintain the dignity, welfare, and integrity of individuals while also upholding the ethical standards and decision-making processes of the profession when meeting the needs and best interests of others.  Empowerment through best practices from a multidisciplinary approach reflecting continuity of care in meeting the needs of individuals, families, communities, and beyond, demonstrate the importance of the work of social change agents.  In times of global social injustices, social change agents advocate, empower, corroborate, and collaborate with others in search of their voices being heard, lives being altered for the betterment, and foundations created and modified to enhance future generations.

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