Program Application

PTA Information Packet

Degree Requirements

There are no pre-admission course requirements to the Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Program, however, each applicant is strongly encouraged to complete as many of the co-requisite PTA courses contained in the PTA degree plan prior to beginning the 21-month course of study. There are six co-requisite PTA courses contained in the degree plan. Those courses that are PTA courses contain the “PTHA” prefix and can only be taken by students who have been formally accepted into the PTA Program. All courses in the PTA degree plan, both PTA and co-requisite PTA courses, must be completed with a letter grade “C” or higher prior to graduation. See the PTA degree plan outlined below.

For more information on the PTA degree plan, visit the “Program Curriculum” section of this web page or consult the current college catalog. 

How to Apply

Prospective applicants should visit the WCJC website and download the “PTA Information Packet” listed above and print it. The packet includes a list of those essential items, which need to be submitted to the PTA Program and/or Registrar’s Office along with a general outline of program expenses, a description of the physical and mental demands associated with the practice of physical therapy.  A copy of the PTA Program application is included with the “Information Packet”.  

Deadline for application to the WCJC PTA Program is the last Thursday in May. Applicants are generally notified in June as to their status for the upcoming fall semester.  16 students are accepted each fall semester.

Criminal Background Checks

Most clinical facilities require that criminal background checks be completed prior to allowing students to participate in clinical training at their facilities. Applicants conditionally accepted into the WCJC Physical Therapist Assistant program will be required to complete a criminal background check. Final acceptance into the program is contingent upon a satisfactory background check, which will be completed by an approved agency. The cost is at the applicant’s expense and is approximately $55.00.  An applicant with an unsatisfactory criminal background check must complete the Criminal History Evaluation Form on the Texas Board Website at as mandated by the Legislature.  It will cost the individual with the criminal history $50 for this review.

Drug Testing

Applicants will also be required to complete a negative drug screen. Only drug screens conducted through the College approved agency will be accepted. The estimated cost of the drug screen is $50.00.

Financial Aid 

Loans, scholarships and grants are available through the Financial Aid Office (979/532-6437) to qualified students. Information on housing may be found in the college catalog.

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