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Workforce Grants

Wharton County Junior College partners with the Texas Workforce Commission to provide grant funding to both small and large businesses to help with the cost of training new hires as well as incumbent workers.  Below are the funding options that we are able to provide to local companies. 

Traditional Skills Development Fund (SDF) Grant
The Skills Development Fund is Texas' premier upskilling program. SDF grants provide site-specific, customized training opportunities for Texas businesses and their employees to increase skill levels and wages of the Texas workforce. The Continuing Education Department at WCJC will work closely with the leaders at your company to help develop a 12-month training plan that consists mainly of technical training but can also include soft-skill training.  The college accepts all financial responsibility however it is a team effort to ensure that all training deliverables are met within the contract timeframe.  Visit the Skills Development Fund main page for more information on this funding type.

Coming Summer 2021!  Wharton County Junior College will be accepting applications for business partners to utilize SDF grant funds without creating a 12-month training plan commitment.  More information will be available once funding has been secured.  

Skills for Small Business
Through the Skills for Small Business program, up to $2 million from the Skills Development Fund is dedicated to the backbone of Texas' business community—our small employers. Small businesses can apply to TWC for noncredit training offered by WCJC. TWC processes the applications and works with the college to fund the specific courses selected by businesses for their employees. This exceptional opportunity supports businesses with fewer than 100 employees and emphasizes training for new workers though it also may help upgrade the skills of incumbent workers. Visit the Skills for Small Business main page for more information on this funding type.

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