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Sociology and Anthropology

Program Information

The mission of the Division of Social and Behavioral Science is to facilitate education by providing quality instruction and opportunities for learning in a diverse community of learners: academic transfer, vocational/technical, and non-traditional students. The division strives to offer activities both in and outside of the classroom to better prepare students for success in their task of acquiring knowledge and new skills. Excellence in service to students is demonstrated by the innovations of experienced and skillful faculty in the development of distance learning, fast track, and alternative course offerings. Through continuing professional commitment to excellence, the Division of Social and Behavioral Science has an impact on the quality of life in the greater communities of our service area.

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology strives to:

  • Foster development of a learning  environment distinguished by excellence in instruction

  • Provide students with relevant and current content in the field by maintaining faculty representing theoretical and applied interests

  • Facilitate an understanding of sociology and/or anthropology that reflects an integration of a variety of theoretical perspectives and the central role of science in understanding human behavior

  • Increase understanding of behavior through the incorporated study of physiological systems, genetic influences, experiential and environmental factors, and social forces
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