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Education and Early Childhood


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The Education and Early Childhood Development program is designed to prepare students for a career in early childhood/child development instruction, administration, or in related child care professions.  Students successfully completing the program will have obtained the minimal competencies needed to provide quality childcare, which integrate child development and developmentally appropriate practices.accreditation logo

The program will provide the lower-level academic and technical courses for continuing educational experiences in early childhood education and child development.
The program provides the necessary academic requirements needed to satisfy state (Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services) credential requirements.

Early Childhood

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The mission of the Early Childhood Program is to specifically assist students in increasing their knowledge about child development and best practices in Early Childhood Education in order to support the fullest achievement of each student's potential and to facilitate the creation of optimum children's programs in the larger community.  To accomplish this, the department offers:

Occupational Skills Awards
  -  Curriculum and Lesson Planning: 9 semester credit hours
  -  Effective Classroom Management : 9 semester credit hours
Level I Certificate: 18 semester credit hours (TSI Waived)
Level II Certificate: 31 semester credit hours
AAS Degree: 60 semester credit hours

The mission of the Department of Education/Early Childhood is to serve students who are interested in transferring to the university for a teaching certificate. Teaching certificates are not awarded at WCJC, but the lower division courses leading to eventual certification are.  Students may choose the AAT Plan B (leading to certification in EC-6, 4-8, or EC-12 Special Education) or AAT Plan C (leading to secondary certification). Students may also choose to follow a 2 + 2 transfer plan to another university; they may complete an Associate of Arts degree in General Studies to become “core complete” before transferring. 

The program is committed to meeting students' requirement to participate in field experiences in programs for children ages birth through age 12 years in neighboring school districts, Head Start Centers, and private programs.

Requires Texas Success Initiative (TSI)  requirements be met:

Associate of Arts in Teaching, Plan B or C

Associate of Arts degree in General Studies for students following the 2 + 2 transfer plans for neighboring universities.

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